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about us

I am Mouhamed and I start Marouch Travel With my family.  We are descending to Berber people; we spend our childhood into the watchful eye of the great Erg Chebbi, the highest sand dunes in Morocco. We are living with a nomadic way since my childhood until my youth; the Sahar desert is our love, our life and fervor with your visit we will rich you knowledge by the history of Morocco and the Berber culture entertain and enlighten your mind with our history.

We know Morocco! Moreover, Morocco offers to you all the available tours and excursions in every day from wherever in Morocco, you have the right to choose from our suggested tours or we can modify an itinerary according to your taste, budget, and period.

 In order to suit your particular interests; we may create a travel diagram.

Our suggestion tour includes camel trek in the desert, Christmas Eve in Morocco, New Year’s Eve in Morocco, skiing in the mountains, cooking tours, adventures on quads, or anything else you can imagine.

Because of being a touristic tour, we can offer to you a private touristic bus as well you can stop anywhere you would like. For your demand you could stop to take special photo, take a break, or browse a little longer – you are in charge of the day!

If you would like to organize a trip with us, look at our suggested itineraries to help you decide which rather trip you would like to manage.

If you feel that our ideas are not widely explained or clear please be free to ask , because we want to do the best for you to live a memorable trip

For sure, we will contact you as soon as possible with price quotes and all of the information you will need for your visit.

Waiting for you with opened hearts and looking forward to hearing from you!


Come searching an answer for you question why Morocco is considered the Mother of Africa!

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