Day Trips From Fes


This is the last day, in Marouch Travel we wiil transport you from your riad towards the modern capital of Rabat. A visit to Rabat would not be complete without seeing exciting garden of Challa that built between 1310-1330 enjoying its delightful beauty that made up by walls that surround this historical garden with defensive gates. Afterward we will hold at Mohamed V Museum built in 1972 continuing our way to look around the tombs of Moroccan kings Mohammed V who died in 1962 and Hassan II who died in 1999 taking a view also to the grave of Moulay Abdullah the uncle of Mohammed VI finishing our day by visiting Tower Hassan which was built in 12th-century in the time of JACOB the MANSUR period of the ALMOHADS, where this historical parameter was added in the initial list of World Heritage, it is a minaret of an incomplete mosque. Kasbah of Oudaya which was built in the 12th-century by ALMOHADS also. This fortress was built with an ANDALUSIAN-STYLE, and what make the KASBAH a place worth visiting are the monuments that make it up such us JAMAA AL ATIQ mosque, the military work of BORJ SQALA that served as a military base for the Almorabits army in their defense against the Spanish army, the royal residence of the ALAWIT DYNASTY and the PRINCELY HOUSE erected to the west. The top of the Kasbah offer to you best opportunities to enjoy a striking view of the surrounding area. When the trip is completed, we will drop you back off at your accommodation in Fes