Day Trips From Marrakech


  • While driving via Atlas Montains seeing goats climbing Argan trees you will have the chance to enjoy taking pfotos
  • Having knowledge about the way in which Berber women producing Argan oil in the cooperative.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the old town of Essaouira
  • Having a special walk beside the beach of Essaouira
  • Visit the old medina and the market paying a visit to the port too


This is a day excursion in marouch travel, driving from the red city of Marrakech towards Essaouira for about more than two hours of driving; in your way to the charming city of Essaouira there is a lot pulling landscapes to see and many inspiring thing to do.

Our first step in this tour is picking you up from your accommodation at Marrakech city at 7:00am, in order to have a full day of investigation, then start driving the stunning landscapes of the R207 route to the coast, while driving enjoying the look from the bus window, until we reach argan trees route where we shall stop to see  small goats clamber up the low branches and feed, for many times there are for about 20 goats hiking on tree, we will have a chance in this fascinating sight where we will take photos. In our way we will stop off at a women’s cooperative where argan oil is produced by taking off the kernels of the tree and it has many uses purpose, firstly it is used to make delicious accompaniment to a Moroccan bread meal or simply for drizzling over a pitta bread it is also used as a beauty product for skin and hair treatment.

After a long drive, finally we reach country that was inhabited by ancient civilizations such us the ROMANS, and PORTUGAL. Essaouira is thought for its active winds most of the year and its 18th-century seaport fortress was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage where you can call AL MALLAH also known as the Jewish Quarter or the merchants of the sultan, you will be grateful when our guide take you from the expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean to the ISLAND of MOGADOR small island located near the city, it is one of the most important Phoenician sites. Beside the  Atlantic Ocean you may choose to walk on Moulay el HASSAN Square  before having lunch.

There are several modern cafes and restaurants in the port city and this due to the date culture combines with the history of the city very well. You will feel as though you are traveling in a time machine as you move from modern café to a rickety house in the medina in just a few yards.

There is a long prom on the beachfront where a sandy beach welcomes bathers, and those who wish to have rest in the sun on the golden sands of this charming city. To this end, you should bring swimwear, sun block and a towel along with you for your time on beach.

The wind city of Essaouira is fashionable as one of the favorite stop station for touristic and you will see just why when you embark on this fascinating day trip to the coast. Because this is the day of returning, you will head back towards Marrakech in time for 6.00 pm. Once again you’ll be able to enjoy the surrounding sunset as the sun begins to set in the late afternoon.

With our coordinated trips to Morocco, all this and much more await you