Day Trips From Marrakech


  • A memorable panoramic climb around the waterfalls with the local guide.
  • Amazes the monkeys climbing trees.
  • Enjoy dazzling views of the spectacular Ouzoud waterfalls.


In Marouch travel Our departure time will be at 8:00am when our local guide will drive you from your Marrakech hotel via the east driving towards the Waterfalls; it will take from us more than two hours of driving under way to the cascades where you will enjoy stunning views of the spectacular waterfalls in Ouzoud.

Ouzoud or Izid waterfalls in some regions mean “the act of grinding grain” in Berber, where you will relaxe in the natural spectacle of this place. This day trip will give you the opportunity to soak the beauty of the nature in OuzoudWaterfalls, take a daring ramble through Olive groves to the source of the waterfall, Take a swim and cool off at the base of the waterfalls.

Heading up from the lively city and it will be the first real sense of pleasure you will get on this tour. Few tourists manage to get out as far as these areas but this sidetrack will take you from the city to the waterfalls and back within one full and spectacular day.

Only few people like you will get to see the parts of Morocco that we shall on this trip. You must be wearing a sportive shoes and pair because you will occasionally be investigating the beauty of the countryside as we head into the cascades at Ouzoud.

Crossing via small towns and villages with a real rural feel about them. At times, you will be forgiven for thinking you’ve travelled back in time as some of the rural villagers go about their daily business in some of the most spectacular areas of outstanding natural beauty.

We can reach the waterfalls in another way if you have a challenging spirit and good sportive shape wearing excellent boots. An outstanding unbelievable look with monkeys encounter in their house Ouzoud the home of the famous macaque monkeys, the naturally tail-less monkeys that you find performing in the main square in Marrakech

That day you may have lunch in a very Moroccan manner where you can relax by the rock pools at the bottom of some of the cascades and rushing rivers, or u can have a gridiron of fish. In the late afternoon, you may want to have a walk and explore by yourself and sit to feel the romantic magic of town and you should bring some sun block, a camera and a change of clothing, if you plan to take a dip in some of the pools at the bottom of the falls. Be aware  that you’ll not forget this voyage among the huge natural cascades, Barbary macaques and rural villages that appear to be stuck in the midst of time. We drive back to Marrakech the same scenic way we came and return at some time in the early evening.

Return time will be at 18:30

With our coordinated trips to Morocco, all this and much more await you